James A. Young | Photographer / Director

thumbnailJames Young is a Los Angeles based photographer.  James graduated from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA in 1992 with a BA degree in Photo Illustration.
Upon leaving Brooks, James began assisting work with several notable photographers such as Dan Wolfe and Annie Leibovitz.  James went on to assist award winning photographer Stephen Vaughan (Blade Runner, Batman  The Dark Knight) for Warner Brothers on film sets of blockbuster films including the Lethal Weapon series. While working at WB James was contacted by noted photographer J. Stephen Hicks and began work full time in his studio. After spending seven years in this highly productive photography studio James developed personal relationships with dozens of top publishers in a variety of industries worldwide. James began shooting products in 1996 for the major film studios and has photographed for such clients as: The Disney Studio, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Lucasfilm Ltd.   Recent clients include HBO/Larry David (Seinfeld), and Alan Ball (American Beauty, True Blood).  Currently James’ work can be found in  scores of publications and advertising worldwide.

James Young
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1111 Alston Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108